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Ensure Your Markets Understand You!

About Us

Ensure your markets understand you with the ultimate Investor relations add-on: Lingo Communications Inc.!

Lingo Communications Inc.

For an investor, there are countless investment opportunities and any tool available for a company to distinguish and distance itself from other corporations becomes an indispensable asset. Investors are the backbone of any corporation. Certain markets and their investors call for more than just English news releases, social media, telecommunications and even corporate documentation as they should also be released in certain key idioms important to their markets.


Support your Investor relations with either or all of 4 languages offered

  • Through English, Spanish, French and/or German catering to it’s potential & existing investors, Lingo Communications Inc. will add a new dimension to your business.
  • Through deep capital market knowledge, social media awareness and additional investor exposure, and association with Lingo Communications Inc. will undeniably add to your venture’s reach and value. Constant social media activity
  • Through professional & methodical 4 language 24 hour availability for potential & existing investors, a partnership with Lingo Communications Inc. will give a unique edge to a corporation’s investor relations with unseen accessibility.


Investor Capital market relations & communications in either of 4 available language translations, investor support services for key investing markets & social media awareness management with objectives being industry client awareness, knowledge accessibility and exposure via access to a private institutional & business network.

Services & Languages

  • Translations
  • Client Communications
  • Social Media Awareness
  • LingoComs Network
  • Tradeshows Roadshows Turn Key Service

Lingo Communications Inc. provides 24 hour communication services in the contracted languages. Communications can be through telephone, email & social media all to be determined with contracting corporation. All Lingo Communications Inc. Interactions are tainted with a deep capital market knowledge of the contracting company. Lingo Communications brings solid capital market knowledge, assistance & relations to contracting corporation’s investors & potential investors.


Shanny Bolduc

Founder & Creator, perfectly trilingual written & spoken, Medical cannabis scholar, stock market speculator & investor, his vision & business instinct brings invaluable energy to Lingo Communications Inc., Shanny is also a Latin American Expert. Social media manager, central nerve of Lingo Communications Inc.

Marco Chaccara

Web Developer and computer sciences autodidacte engineer . Web & computer technology are his passions, he counts half a decade of experience and expertise developing internet businesses.

Alberto Munive

Professional Graphic Designer graduated from UPC, Lima Peru. Branding & Editorial Design Specialist. Mr. Munive is Lingo Communications Inc. social media technician & strategist.

Guido Wagner

German teacher and translator from Hamburg, Germany. ECPE-certified English and his BSc Open-title from the University of England, he is our German language expert. Extremely reliable and punctual, Guido is a solid ally for Lingo Communications.






Ensure Your Markets Understand You!

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